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Become a volunteer

Do you have PanLex-relevant skills and experience, such as multilingual reading and keyboarding, software development, and sleuthing for rare dictionaries? Then consider joining the PanLex team as a volunteer.

Contribute content

Do you have access to dictionaries or word lists for less widely known languages? If you don’t see them in our list of current lexical resources, we may be able to use them, whether they are digital or on paper, published or in manuscript. Let us know what you have.

In partnership with GOOD, we also invite you to propose new translations of “human rights” and “mother tongue”.

Make a donation

PanLex is partly volunteer-run, but incurs expenses for technical staff, content, engineering, research, servers, telecommunications, and administration. Financial support is welcome and is tax-deductible to United States taxpayers. Donations are made to The Long Now Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public charity, for the benefit of the PanLex project. For administrative efficiency, we accept donations in any amount of U.S. $10.00 or more.

Financial support of PanLex goes a long way. On average, $500 in donations is sufficient to assure that the entire documented vocabulary of an endangered language is rediscovered and integrated into the PanLex network, helping the language and its speakers benefit from progress in linguistic and information technology.

Donations by check should be endorsed “For benefit of the PanLex Project” and mailed or delivered to:

The Long Now Foundation
Fort Mason Center, Building A
2 Marina Boulevard
San Francisco, California 94123

You may also make an online donation. Be sure to email info@panlex.org to notify us that your donation was meant for PanLex. (We will soon have our own donation page where this step will not be necessary.)

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