PanLex: Partners


The Long Now Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in San Francisco, is the fiscal sponsor of the PanLex project. PanLex shares Long Now’s mission of fostering long-term thinking and responsibility.

Project Alliance

PanLex collaborates closely with The Rosetta Project at The Long Now Foundation. The Rosetta Project is working to build an open, public, digital collection of documentation on the world's nearly 7,000 languages. Alongside this digital collection, the project has also created The Rosetta Disk, an analog backup designed to last for thousands of years.


The initial research that created the PanLex project was conducted at the Turing Center of the University of Washington.
Initial sponsorship, management, financial support, and research collaboration were provided by Utilika Foundation.

Other Partners

PanLex has enjoyed scientific, engineering, technological, and strategic relationships with many partner organizations and projects.

Kindred Projects

Nothing else is exactly like PanLex, but several projects are pursuing similar goals.

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