PanLex: Program interfaces

PanLex API

The PanLex project offers an application programming interface for selected informational queries to the PanLex database from applications.

PanLex RDF interface

Claus Stadler and Patrick Westphal have developed an RDF interface for PanLex.

The RDF interface links PanLex data with data from DBpedia and Lexvo, as shown in the Linked Linguistic Open Data Cloud.

Obsolete documentation

Initial prototype

A prototype API was provided for demonstration applications. A presentation summarized its features and discussed the decisionmaking process in API development for PanLex. The API code was located in a Perl 5 CGI script named “plxp-02.cgi” on the PanLex interface server. The script imported code from files in a subroutine directory. A family of demonstration client applications made use of the API. The English version of the application was TeraDict. The client code was in a Perl 5 script named “apidemo-2.cgi” and in an application-specific text file. The text file for TeraDict was named “eng.txt”. For installation on a particular client server, the administrator had to modify the $in{ldir} and $in{urlroot} parameters in the Init subroutine to point to the directory on the client server where the text file was located.

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